Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Platform: PC
Favorite Games: CS:GO, VALORANT

Sometimes, when you see an opportunity in life, you gotta take it. When Emmalee Garrido’s brother made the mistake of leaving his PC while he was logged into Counter-Strike, she took her opportunity and seized the controls. From such humble beginnings, EMUHLEET was born, and it’s clear that she’s definitely made the most of her chances.

After studying nursing in college, Emmalee was still hooked on the appeal of competitive gaming and Counter-Strike, and in 2014, she began getting into the world of professional gaming. As part of Team Karma, a team EMUHLEET formed herself, she picked up her first notable result at the 2014 Electronics World Cup in Paris, France. Less than 6 months later, she and her teammates would hoist a trophy for the first time, taking the crown at the 2015 Copenhagen Games. Her impressive track record at tournaments gained the attention of Dignitas in 2017. Upon signing contracts with Dignitas, it was then that EMUHLEET and her teammates became professional gamers and went on to win multiple World Championships.

She has since stepped away from competitive Counter-Strike, but not before racking up an impressive 7 tournament wins for her career, 5 as a member of Dignitas.

Now you can find her combining her 2 career passions, gaming and nursing, using Sage’s abilities to heal, and her own deadly skills to cause harm as part of Dignitas’s VALORANT squad. She also finds time to charm her family-friendly community as a streamer, and is a strong advocate for mental health.

As someone who’s been a champion at a high level, and someone who stays on their grind, Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido knows the benefits
of a comfortable headset and a responsive keyboard can have whether you’re training, or entertaining. That’s why she chooses HyperX Cloud headsets and HyperX Alloy keyboards. HyperX signature comfort keeps her focused and upbeat, the reliable responsiveness of HyperX Alloy keyboards help her make plays in the clutch.